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This is the 2nd Star Book shop!

I work with authors + creators and after we’ve gotten their creations into the world, I wanted to be a part of getting them into your hands!  The result is “little book shop on the corner” of the internet.

Watch for the addition of new creations as we grow.

Kelly Pratt, Proprietor

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a guide to authors. Call me a “book doula” or an “author midwife” Whatever metaphor makes the most sense.  I’m someone who’s been on the inside of the business and understands that it’s a confusing process and knows how great it feels to have a guide on the journey. I’m there for you… I’m not your editor, or a writer (and certainly not your proofreader!) What I do know is when and where to find the right professionals for you for your creation.  If you want to learn more click here  or click below to set up a time to talk.

Connected — the girl absolutely knows everyone! She’s a master at putting people together in ways that enrich everyone.

She’s also passionate about everything she gets involved with. Competence to spare, confident and current. — three more “C’s” that describe Kelly.

Terry Kalil, Independent PR and Communications Professional